How It Works

When every second counts, webConnectMD can reduce your on-call physician response time by 90% (45 minute average down to 5 minutes), increasing ER turnover and decreasing ER wait times.  webConnectMD’s HIPAA-compliant records-keeping protects hospitals from costly lawsuits.  Create and maintain on-call schedules with ease, reducing the cost and stress of labor-intensive, manual scheduling.  Schedule changes are available in real-time for ED notification use.  It takes a matter of hours to implement, with no installation of hardware or software required. Schedulers, ED nurses, and on-call physicians will become comfortable with the user-friendly interface in a few hours or less.  


What is webConnectMD?

webConnectMD is a compelling software solution that automates and streamlines the scheduling of on-call physicians in the Emergency Department (ED) in order to facilitate high-volume, immediate, bi-directional emergency communication between the ED and required specialists.

webConnectMD Scheduler:

Hosted on webConnect servers, the web-based scheduling software application replaces the labor-intensive, out-dated, inefficient and stressful process of having to constantly coordinate changes in on-call physician schedules and availability with the ED.


webConnectMD Notification:

The system optimizes instant, bi-directional communication between ED staff and needed ED medical specialists.  With the click of a button on a computer screen, the ED staff can instantly query for a specialist or entire emergency response team.  The system automatically does all of the legwork in determining which specialists are on-call, factoring in any and all changes in schedule, before notifying the correct on-call physicians via their preferred mobile communication method – SMS text, interactive voice messaging, email, pager – for that specific date and time.


webConnectMD Workflow:

Streamlining the


scheduling and


notification of


on-call physicians


in Emergency